Ears Trump Eyes–Voice rules when Selling!

Ever wonder why radio is hanging on and TV has gone into the dumpster?

Ears Trump Eyes.

Your ears can process sounds quicker and more discretely that your eyes, but don’t go wearing a Balaclava yet because as we all know, just like in other things, Ears and Eyes–together is better.

In days of old, ok even today, those that meditate close their eyes and sensitize other modes of perception.  As a storyteller I know that visuals just distract those for whom you intend the story. I am far more effective on the phone with a few images sent by email, if necessary, than by wading into a PowerPoint sea or talking over a video as is common in the commercial interactions of today.

Is reading the same thing as hearing?  YES IT IS.  Unless you read picture books!

Indeed it doesn’t take much time at all to get into the ‘audio zone’ when reading which is far different that watching a video or even images in a book.

The next time you want a meaningful and effective interaction with a customer or your family…talk.


Nick www.scenario2.com


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