Infosys CEO on the economy, Microsoft, and outsourcing

IBM, Oracle, HP, Microsoft, SAP all look similar.

Amazon is moving fast with AWS–search AWS on Bing or Google–they are the wildcard here.

Neuropersona views become important as the core infrastructure is outsourced and process change becomes awkward.

Consider a Neuropersona view as an on-ramp to the stories and numbers needed to navigate and analyze before you decide.

Predictive analytics is not possible without considering future processes or future measures. This is provided with a Neuropersona Story Lens.

Media has a similar problem as everything is outsourced and the search engines have killed the goose that layed the golden egg–syndication.

Neuropersona views provide a forward facing on-ramp to Media content and let users or customers navigate according to their perspectives. Adscenario is the Media on-ramp that we employ and empower with Neuropersona views.


Infosys CEO on the economy, Microsoft, and outsourcing – TechFlash: Seattle’s Technology News Source

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