BIG DATA, HPC deliver ROI #in Global or Mobile Product Launches

Mobile Customers Elude Corporate Marketers

The pace of customer or market change has accelerated far beyond the ability of corporations, large or small, to adapt using conventional marketing or research processes and over the past 20 years, P&G, GE, Apple, Microsoft, IBM and others have embraced the notion of ‘open innovation’ where external innovation or ideas are the drivers to future revenues.

In North America Smartphones from RIM, Nokia, Motorola, LG, Samsug, Sony and Apple have fueled the age of the mobile customers where customers can find better solutions to problems faster which increases corporate product launch RISK 

Product manufacturers or their re-sellers are quickly falling behind the insight curve as their customers have started to employ multiple devices simultaneously to consume and create content in a way that is currently un-measured by standard analytical programs.  Quite simply it is impossible to ‘optimize search’ or SEO for your product when a customer uses two or more devices to view two or more information or product sources simultaneously.

Imagine the Ferrari below driving slowly past three cafe tables where marketers are seate, each table representing a view from a specific marketing channel or perspective.  Each table views the car differently depeding on their metrics and measurement frequency and when they share the data it seems as if different cars passed by the cafe that day.  The same occurs with the single customer when they seem to exhibit multiple behaviours as they access multiple content, information or product sources simultaneously across multiple devices, in multiple languages–they effectively disappear from marketing views provided with ‘tired’ metrics.



Some technology vendors appear to propogate the myth that BIG DATA powered by High Performance Computing or HPC platforms can find answers faster, and this is true, except that the questions asked by customers and other value chain partners change faster than the fixed ‘factory-like’ optimized solutions delivered.

The ability to shift perspectives and provide flexibility is a critical value element available to corporations that combine BIG DATA and HPC though many that have employed the combination have both increased cost and RISK like eDiscovery, Financial Services and Media customers.



North America is about to see the onslaught of products from different countries and content in multiple languages and unlike past campaigns, customers will understand the content and how the delivery benefits them, their family and their networks.

Old notions of paying Advertisers or PR Agencies to Tweet will crumble as local customers adopt multiple languages and multiple devices.



Harvesting, aligning, delivering, analyzing and responding to mobile customers in local markets is a signficant challenge if you are limited to marketing metrics or IT resources optimized to corporate perspectives rather than changing customer needs.

Join us to see how BIG DATA and HPC High Performance Computing can re-align your customer to your Product before you go to market!



Nick Trendov @Scenario_2


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