BIG DATA is the TREND & HPC High Performance Computing is your FRIEND

Search BIG DATA and you will received millions of ‘hits’ on any search engine that you use which implies that a few folks are excited, perhaps very excited about BIG DATA, and if BIG DATA is a ‘trend’ and the ‘trend is your friend’ then you should pay cloase attention to BIG DATA, but why?

Knowledge was Power, now BIG DATA is Power

Nearly everyone has heard the phrase ‘knowledge is power’ though in mobile internet age the notion of knowledge has shifted from a preceise metric to one that constantly changes to accomodate global innovations in products, processes or business models.

BIG DATA or the analysis of huge amounts of data from many sources simulteanously at millisecond rates, think about automated stock market trades, thus allowing BIG DATA to displace knowledge in the creation and retention of power.  After all, how can yesterday’s knowledge help when your competitors are updating their knowledge based on BIG DATA they collected last night–data which will take you months if not longer to collect, analyze and assimilate into your products, processes or business models.


Simply analyzing BIG DATA with old technology is also inadequate as most transactional systems are based on the factory model or tightly integrated to minimize cost and mazimize ROI.  Likewise ROI is based on specific enterprise metrics which are defined precisely and are very difficult to adjust swiftly to changing OUTCOMES which are required due to changes in customer or market direction.

BIG DATA Decisions & HPC

Unless BIG DATA can be processed quickly the time and resources used to collect BIG DATA will turn your enterprise into a library or a data pack rat at worst.

HPC or High Performance Computing are tools, techniques and technologies that can process huge amounts of data unbelievably quickly, but the employment of HPC assets or resources requires a focus on desired enterprise OUTCOMES to be effective.


Some HPC & BIG DATA values to help you adapt to changing OUTCOMES.

  • Product Launch Readiness–global alignment of Products to Customers
  • eDiscovery–multi-lingual/jurisdictional discovery teams
  • Predictive Analytics–across corporate or competitive value chains


Effective BIG DATA and HPC programs require planning to focus resources, spend and achieve faster results.

Ask us about how our clients or vendors employ HPC or BIG DATA and let’s explore how they can help your environment in a cost neutral way!


Nick Trendov @Scenario_2


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